Most widely used model and is the foundation for other ID models.

·      It is flexible and can be used for traditional instruction and across many industries.

·      Is most effective when testing for easily measurable criteria

·      Allows for collaboration at each level and at any and every stage

·      Evaluation is a key component built into ADDIE

·      Structured guidance for design


Addie is linear model, which is not amenable to accommodating user generated content or unstructured objectives. It also assumes that one  is aware of all the user requirements before developing the design, making it extremely difficult to make accommodations during the development stage.

·      You can’t get to the next phase without addressing the one before it.

·      It is time consuming and costly

·      Evaluation is a key component built into Addie

·      Does not allow for designer creativity. Furthermore, storyboards are not always effective in creating and conveying good design. Oftentimes poor designs are recognized after the completion of the entire process.

·      Because the process is so detailed, it sometimes deters the creative process

·      Post tests provide little useful information to help assist in improving instruction

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