Instructional Design Models

Attached below are the instructional design models that we have discussed in the previous classes. My group members and I had divided the models equally and categorized them to their strengths and weaknesses. Please click on each models below to have a clear view on each model.



Dick and Carey Design Model

Electric ID Model

Hannafin and Peck Design Model

Rapid Prototyping Design Model



Waterfall Model

I hope that everyone will have a clearer picture on the strengths and weaknesses after viewing each model. Thank you. 🙂

GE6543 Teknologi Dalam Pendidikan

Attached below are the reflections of what I have learnt throughout our ICT classes. Feel free to view and leave necessary comments.

Reflection 1 – Instructional Design Models

Reflection 2 – WordPress

Reflection 3 – Data Triangulation

Thank you. 🙂

The Journey Begins

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