Hannafin and Peck Design Model

1. Ideal for all experience levels
• anyone can use it to create effective eLearning experiences.
• able to break each stage of the eLearning course development process into
manageable steps.
• focus on one phase and fine tune every aspect before you move onto the next.
• can be custom tailored to fit the talents, skills, and expertise of the audience.

2. Improves the quality and consistency of eLearning experiences
• includes a revision round that follows each phase.
• able to provide high quality eLearning experiences that are cohesive and well
• have the opportunity to improve upon your eLearning course and remedy issues as
soon as possible.

3. Allows you to evaluate your eLearning course as you go along
• evaluation is part of the revision process that takes place after each phase.
• carefully analyze and assess every element of your eLearning program in order to
catch common errors.
• particularly useful when you are dealing with subject matter that is more in depth or complex.
• can apply it in virtually any eLearning project in order to stay on track and achieve
your performance goals.

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